The New Bohemia

Hello, friends!

Spring has sprung & I’m feeling all the love in the air!  While longer, sunny days & star-gazing nights abound, everything just seems easier– lighter.  What a lovely time of year!  With Earth Day just behind us & wildflowers in bloom everywhere you turn, you can’t help but feel more in tune with Mother Nature.  Ahhhhhhh, Spring!


Spring Cher


Until next year, heavy coats & beautiful boots!  Hello, sundresses, shorts, sunnies, & sandals!  Time to revel in the world of picnics, beach trips, patio cocktails, & music festivals.  Time to shed those winter blahs & lighten up.  (Did I mention, I love Spring??)  Time to open up the windows, & sweeten the air with flowers.  Time to simplify.

When it comes to your Spring wardrobe, less is more.  Easy peasy is where it’s at.  White cotton, light denim, eyelet, chambray, & lace.  These are a few of my favorite things!  Simple tees, cut-off shorts, strappy sandals.  And if you’re feeling the Bohem vibe, you are going to LOVE these raw, earthy, handmade pieces, reminiscent of a simpler time.   Layer as many as you like over a white tee & denim shorts.  Throw on your fave sandals & voila!  You are a radiant child of the earth.


handcrafted genuine naturally shed antler tine necklace, long bronze chain.

Become one with nature in this naturally shed antler tine necklace $23

by Dandy Digs

What’s to love?  Aside from her amazing prices and unique wares, all of her handcrafted pieces come with a lifetime warranty!  And she’s local, ya’ll!

Plus, she’s giving you a sweet discout!  20% off with coupon code: boho20

Agate Ring- Purple Agate on an Adjustable Electroplated Gold or Silver Cigar Band Ring

Wear it with everything!  Purple Agate ring in Silver or Gold $69

by Double V Jewelry

What’s so special about this shop?  Each piece is one of a kind & they also take custom orders!

Flat Gold Edged Chrysoprase Necklace 14kt Gold Filled Chain

Make a statement in this Gold edge Chrysoprase necklace $76

by WoodSpell

Why Woodspell?  All of these handmade pieces are beautifully crafted and I am in love with each and every one of them!

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BEAUTIFUL PASTEL silver plated druzy rings, adjustable. Bohemian gypsy chic. quartz. healing crystal soft grunge cocktail

Get your gypsy grunge on with these Silver-plated, druzy, cocktail rings $20

by ARTifacts By Amanda

Why do we love this shop?  Just look at those rings!  Also, she ships for free and is just as sweet as they come!

MOTHERS DAY SALE 10% Off, Sliced Amethyst Geode Druzy Gold Necklace, February Birthstone

Feel the healing power of crystals with this sliced Amethyst Geode necklace in gold $48

By Lea Marie Designs

Why do we love her so?  She’s offering you 5% off with coupon code: friends5 & there are so many beautiful things in her shop!

Shibori Scarf Aqua Blue Scarf Hand Dyed Cotton Turquoise watercolor Scarf  Lightweight  Hand Painted Resort Denim Blue

 Feel the love in this luxurious hand painted Shibori watercolor scarf $42

by Land Of Bohemia

There you are!  Now grab your shades, your sunscreen, your fringe bag & hit the road.  You are ready for Spring.  Go spread the love!

Missed out on Coachella?  Couldn’t afford a badge to SXSW?  No worries, friend.  Festival season is in full bloom.  Check it out…



Happy Twenty Fourteen!!


Welcome to my blog!  Here, you can expect to find some sensible fashion advice,  some not so sensible advice, and whatever other good stuff finds its way in.  With the new year upon us it is, once again, that time to make all sorts of false promises to ourselves resolutions.  Many of us will head out to the farmers’ market & buy a Smart Carload full of uber good for you, leafy, green food, maybe invest in a super high-tech juicer, sign up for a 136 degree Extreme Yoga class, or buy the latest box set of “Ultra Killer Abs in 2 Minutes or Less”.  Whether you’re gearing up for that mud run from Albuquerque to Portland, or just trying to squeeze your butt back into your favorite pair of pajama jeans, you’re gonna get in shape, dammit.  And it’s gonna suck.  And that’s why it’s already the 5th and you haven’t started yet.  Well, look at the bright side.  After all those holiday food/booze sesh’s, you probably no longer fit into any of your former skinny self’s workout attire.  Time to go shopping!  (I knew this was going somewhere.)  Now, in the same way that you should never jump the gun on the latest fashion trend (terrycloth tracksuit with bonus butt advertisement, anyone?), it’s a wise move to ease yourself into your new workout gear, without breaking the bank.  I mean, some of us start a diet at least once a week.  That could get expensive.

I'll start Monday

Enter… the treasure trove that is TJ Maxx (or Ross, or Marshall’s, or whatever you have in your town).  I know some of you experienced a minor anxiety attack just reading those words.  Come back!   We don’t all have the gift (ok, desire) to sift through rack after godforsaken rack of material excess, in search of the diamond in the rough.  But lucky for you, I do.  I am a hunter and when I catch my prey, I shout it from the rooftops!

Lady on the street, “I love that blouse.  Such a pretty color.” (Politely smiles and walks away.)

Me (grabbing Lady on the street’s arm), “Oh, thanks…  CAN YOU BELIEVE I ONLY PAID $30 FOR IT AND IT WAS ORIGINALLY $199?!?!”

Every. Time.  Why?  Why must I do this?  I was taught to take a compliment gracefully.  Why?  A simple, “thank you” will suffice.  Geesh.

OK, so if you can handle these kinds of stores, go forth and conquer, Grasshopper.  Just don’t fanatically announce your cheapness to the world.  Remember, a simple “thank you” is sufficient.  If you cannot bring yourself to rummage through last season’s forgotten wares for possibly hours on end (oh, I’ve spent entire days in these stores), give me a call.  I’ll do your dirty work!

Workout clothes

Just look at these little gems I found &, knowing me, I probably didn’t pay more than $30/shirt.  These aren’t some low brow, no name, fall-apart-in-the-washing machine, workout tops, either.  All these shirts are reputable, name brand, quality pieces that will stand the test of time. (Good news if your diet does last more than a week!)  Remember, you have until Monday until the real New Year starts since it’s virtually impossible to go changing your evil ways mid-week.  So, get out there and get you some fancy new workout clothes.  Everything’s easier when you look good doing it!  Here’s to looking smashing, while saving a buck, in 2014!